Amanda Nancy Barden began writing in 2012 after fulfilling her dream of living by the sea. Although she had always been fascinated by words and stories, it was only when she moved to Ramsgate in July 2011, and started taking her two rescued dogs to the beach every morning, that she felt inspired to put pen to paper herself (or rather fingers to keyboard!). And the result? “The Forgotten Tunnels” – her first novel.

But when she finished “The Forgotten Tunnels” she wanted to write more stories, so soon afterwards, wrote her first short story “Home Hounds”, which is a funny and moving tale (written from a dog’s point of view) set on the beach between Ramsgate and Broadstairs, and is a “must read” for any dog lover of any age. Next, she wrote “Nobody There” which is another short story, but this time for adults, and is a darkly comic yet poignant insight into people’s misconceptions about old age.

So what now? Well, at the moment she’s editing her second novel: a thought-provoking story for adults called “Look Up, Look Down”, which again is set in Ramsgate and Broadstairs, with many more short stories and novels to follow in the future.